"Flow" - 30x40cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

White paint, turquoise ink, magenta ink and golden paint mixed together on cotton canvas. The way the ink worked those tiny details in the white paint amazed me. Just a drop from this magic turquoise pot would form diverse shapes. A storm, wind, water, trees.. the details of this abstract work are open to interpretation; let your thoughts flow.


"Seah" - 30x40cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

The little forms in Seah's texture reminded me of the sea and the life it holds, which inspired the name of this painting. Looking at the blue tone, I can feel the waves of the ocean brushing against the canvas. 
One of my dearest friends told me this painting reminded her of Poseidon, god of the sea, noticing a sad lover's face formed between the blue and white details.


"Oumniah" - 50x60cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

"I want to tell you 
about the sunflower I found 
on the sidewalk yesterday.
It is wilting and curled and gorgeous
and knows it.

Zina & Zuri

"Zuri" - 30x30cm

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

"Zina" - 30x40cm

(Liquified acrylics on canvas)


"Lilia" - 40x70 cm

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

"dream of lilies, 

blues and whites

in their little islands,
flower of the starlight,

flower of the water."


"Daphnia" - 30x40cm

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

"I am yours as the summer air at evening is
Possessed by the scent of linden blossoms,

As the snowcap gleams with light
Lent it by the brimming moon.

Without you I’d be an unleafed tree
Blasted in a bleakness with no Spring.