Fly or Sink

"Fly or Sink"- 40x70cms

(Acrylics on canvas)

"We were the ones
walking through hell,
walking out of it distorted, 
and with our heads on fire.

The ones who died
a little each day
and had to learn how to deal with it.

The deranged.
The confused.

We were the ones
who learned
how to love."

Robert M. Drake

Dance is a fascinating way through which the body expresses what the mind feels, and the heart thinks. I was inspired to illustrate the movement which a ballerina fights and practices most to reach, to show effort, fatigue and commitment from artists in all domains of art; and remind us that it is always a choice, whether to fly or sink.

Fly or Sink is available on Azaliart Gallery. Click here to know more.

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