A Lifetime

"A lifetime" - 60x60cms

(Acrylics on canvas)

"This painting of a barn and barnyard near sundown
May be enough to suggest we don’t have to turn
In order to grasp the truth of things.
From the visible world to the invisible
We don’t always have to distrust appearances.
When whatever it touches, however retiring,
Not if we’re patient. Not if we’re willing
To wait for the sun to reach the angle
A barn and barnyard on a day of rest
Feels invited to step forward
Into a moment that might seem to us
Familiar if we gave ourselves more often
To the task of witnessing. Now to witness
To resemble closely what in fact they are
When the usual veil of dust and smoke
Is lifted a moment and things appear."
A Landscape - Carl Dennis
"A Lifetime" is a commissioned painting, not available for sale.
This painting means a lot to me, as it comes straight from my heart. Its name reflects the meaning that it holds, and the emotions coming from deep within on to the canvas through my brushes.

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