"Serenity" - 40x20cms

Oil on cotton canvas

"Soft comes the hush of eventide
And songbirds hide
In limbs of budded trees
To bid farewell to setting sun
With lullabies they've sung
Each night for centuries. [....]" 

By Margaret Yacavace

After a long time of working with acrylics, I felt like going for oil would be a good idea. I wanted to create something calm, serene, that would bring inner peace and happy thoughts. A beautiful sunset photograph found on Pinterest, which I used for reference, inspired this calm landscape. Working with this palette of colors felt like a therapy, putting my emotions to life through the brushes.


"Vow" - 30x60cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

They say the dream is a wish that the heart makes. Vow is a mixture of white paint, metallic light blue and metallic dark blue paint, along with some details of gold on the opposite corners of the canvas. The metallic turquoise and gold are brought to life and shine in natural light. The way the flow of paint stopped and dried inspired me to name it Vow, as my heart spoke through it making the dearest wishes.

"There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins,
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright,
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.


"Psyche" - 50x70cms

Acrylics on canvas

I first watched Psyche's story on Youtube. Click here to watch the illustrated story told in such a beautiful way.

Psyche was human, a young woman of immeasurable beauty. She was so beautiful that all men were intimidated by her. Thinking that beauty was a curse, she was abandoned by her father to the gods. Venus saw her beauty as a threat, and asked her son Cupid to make her fall in love with a monster. The god of love fell for her instead and took her to his castle, where he made love to her without revealing his identity, keeping her in the dark.


"Azure" - 45x60cms

Liquified acrylics on canvas

Azure is one of my favorite creations. I saw in this painting the azure blue of the sky, clouded by beautiful white cotton candies, and the face of the oceans, with islands dispersed on their surface. The different shades of blue created through the flow and mixture of paints reflect mystery, richness and inner peace.


"Daphne" - 50x60cms

Acrylics on canvas

"Daphne was another of those independent young huntresses who are met with so often in the mythological stories. 

She is said to have been Apollo's first love. It is not strange that she fled from him. Her father, the river god Peneus, was greatly tried because she refused all the young men who wooed her. 

But at last Apollo saw her, an everything ended for her. She was hunting. her dress short to the knee, her arms bare, her hair in wild disarray. She was enchantingly beautiful.Apollo thought, "What would she not look like properly dressed and with her hair nicely arranged?". The idea made the fire that was devouring his heart blaze up even more fiercely and he started off in pursuit.


"Lost" - 25x50cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

I like to name some of my paintings after emotions felt through the process of creating them. Creating a fluid art piece is not always as easy as it sounds. The mixture of colors never turns out to be the way I want, but rather the way the flow of colors wants to go. Sometimes the process consumes all of my energy before finally falling into its place, it gets me confused and brings out all sorts of emotions. But the way that the final result shows and fixes itself on the canvas at a certain stage like it was always meant to be this way always surprises me. 


"Almost" - 70x40cms

Acrylics on canvas

"The weeping willow stands high on the hill
as though a sentry, watching o'er the land.
One wonders, does the weeper understand
how hearts once warm can freeze in bitter chill?


"Veins" - 30x40cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

"the veins 
on my hand 
look like road maps 
and still, I’ve been trying 
to follow my heart home.
the road map of veins end 
at my forearm
where I’ve etched your name 
countless times