"Lost" - 25x50cms

Liquefied acrylics on canvas

I like to name some of my paintings after emotions felt through the process of creating them. Creating a fluid art piece is not always as easy as it sounds. The mixture of colors never turns out to be the way I want, but rather the way the flow of colors wants to go. Sometimes the process consumes all of my energy before finally falling into its place, it gets me confused and brings out all sorts of emotions. But the way that the final result shows and fixes itself on the canvas at a certain stage like it was always meant to be this way always surprises me. 

Lost is rich in colors and in details. The golden paint pops in certain places to bring its unique glow to life, along with the contrast between the turquoise, the flesh tint and the darker spots of black .

"Moon dust shines from afar,
captured in a moment too brief-
Solstice of Winter; a bright sparkling star,
barren branches always wither,
and bring sincere relief.
alleviate my poor senses, come hither,
Willows weeping under the moon,
all things of clarity gone too soon-
come find ease,
and sing me a soft lullaby tune.
may my sorrow cease,
Constellations mourn, and I am near,
they know not what they did wrong-
for I have been chosen to bring purity,
Solstice of Winter have no fear,
free you from all insecurity,
Crystalline falling stars, they collide,
sing you a gentle lullaby song.
as I hold all this deep anguish inside-
Come find ease,
for at least I know I’ve tried.
may my sorrow cease…"

Doesn't this look like a group of islands in the middle of the sea?

If interested in purchasing this painting, you can send me an email to monicaamogg@gmail.com, or DM me through Instagram.

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